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20th August 2017

sara harding
Words: Sara Harding


Better than any action packed blockbuster, the new Slipknot movie, 'Day Of The Gusano', has more thrills and spills and tears and laughter than any epic film on our screens today. Forget Tom Cruise, it's all about the 'Knot. Directed by M Shawn Crahan, Clown from the band, it really is an 'Excess All Areas' pass to Knot Fest and the spectacular show the band put on.

It's a little known fact that the Mayans invented the 0 symbol so there was real synergy when 0 and co appeared on stage in Mexico for a full on Knot Fest gig and at its helm is 6, Clown, the crazed conductor directing the whole cinematic carnival.

Packed with live performances from their highly anticipated Knot Fest debut in Mexico from 2015, the ninety minute film provides a real insight into life with the nonet from Iowa; it gets behind the masks of one of the greatest Metal bands of all time as well as their Mexican fans. Gusano is the Mexican word for Maggot and there were 100,000 of them there wriggling and witnessing one of the most pulsating performances I've ever seen.

Shot on a mix of go-pro, drones and 4K cameras and audio mixed to the band's specification in Dolby, this is a full on optical and aural experience. Each track is edited to perfection and the directing is so in your face, it feels like you are literally on stage with the band. At one stage I felt like I was in clown's mask creating a truly immersive filmic experience.

When 'Duality', 'Left Behind' and 'Psychosocial' played out you got to truly embrace what each of the nine do on stage and it was simply goosebump after goosebump. Another spine tingling moment for us all was 'Spit It Out' where Corey got the whole crowd to "jump the fuck up" and we all literally jumped out of our comfy seats at the truly luxurious Music Screen cinema theatre.

The fans' feedback is edited into the soundtrack and you could hear every scream of wonder and them singing along at the top of their lungs. This is the first time I have looked around a cinema and witnessed every movie-goer headbanging and air drumming along. My neck still hurts today – I blame 'The Blister Exists'.

The film is a clever mix of a stunning Slipknot setlist juxtaposed with the band venturing out of the Knot Fest site to check out the local Mexican scenery and traditions. Bartering for sombreros, catching the death-defying dance of the flyers, making four wishes on the Mayan pyramids, the band show their human side but the best bit is when they encounter their fans. There are laughs and tears aplenty as the Mexican maggots swear their allegiance to their favourite band. Highlights were the dude that sold his guitar to buy a ticket, the kid that had overcome cancer to meet the Taylor and co and the fan with a full on Slipknot sleeve tattoo.

Corey's Spanglish was brilliant too: "Da me cinco, cinco cinco, seis, seis, seis!"

Another highlight was the camera going behind the stage with the band to watch their warm-ups and Sid, aka 0, trying to lock the band into their rehearsal room literally made me spit my popcorn out with laughter. Also there was a chance to see what Knot Fest is all about – not just a bog standard festival with dodgy burgers, but a full on Knot experience with a Slipknot Museum, fun fair and carnival performers.

The band are clearly proud of this film. Talking about the movie, Clown tells us:

"Slipknot still has dreams for itself. Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It's been a surreal life of rock'n'roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible. Thank you."

Guitarist Jim Root continues:

"We had such a great time at Knotfest Mexico... not only with all the friends and bands that were there, but with the fans and the crowd we had to document it with. Now we get to share it with the world."

Well I got to share it last night and I've got the sore neck to prove it. The film will be broadcast globally and in the UK and Ireland at a Vue cinema near ar you so buy your tickets now. And bring on Knot Fest in 3D in the UK (hint hint Clown!).

Ten beers, ten beers, ten beers or should I say popcorn!

You can check where you can see the movie andv pick up tickets right here.

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