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1st March 2017

tony mottram

Recently I was again contacted by acclaimed author, writer and bassist Ian Glasper. I had contributed photographs for his UK Punk scene books 'Burning Britain' and 'The Day The Country Died', published by Cherry Red.

Ian is now working on his fifth book, 'Contract In Blood', a history of UK Thrash scheduled for publishing at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.

Ian visited me and was looking through my archive of images of Xentrix, Sabbat, Sacrilege Acid Reign etc and it was extremely sad when he informed me of the sad news regards Steve Grimmett while on tour with a revamped Grim Reaper.

I first met Steve in Birmingham on a Kerrang photo assignment shooting both Grim Reaper and Shy. I then met Steve when I shot a new version of Onslaught with Steve after Sy Keeler had left.

I had done a lot of Onslaught photography, on location, live, photo studio and during recording in Milton Keynes at Pete Winkelman's Manor Studios. During that period of time I was rather well know for 'hairing around' in my Renagade Jeep.

That vehicle was a perfect photographers set of wheels - loud, flash, 4x4, go anywhere.

When I did the location shoot when Steve Grimmett joined Onslaught, the Jeep came fully into its own, off road and a platform to run my portable flash lighting from. This shoot has always been memorable as a fun shoot, overlooking Bristol and I lost/left behind some important cables to charge the equipment from the Jeep. Doh!

I look forward to seeing Ian's book when completed, but most of all, wishing Steve Grimmett a speedy recovery and all the best and seeing him back in the saddle, up on stage doing what he has always been known for. ROCK ON!!

tony mottram

tony mottram

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