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23rd May 2012

judas priest epitaph

We've got a big problem with our exclusive MetalTalk competition where you can win one of five pairs of tickets to the screening of Judas Priest's 'Epitaph' at the London Forum this Friday, 24th May 2013.

We really pulled out all the stops to help Sony promote this event as they ran into trouble with it around three weeks ago and now they have gone and pulled a number on us.

Due to poor ticket sales, the event has now been moved from The HMV Forum to The Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London W1D 3DH and Sony are refusing to honour our competition prizes.

It must be stressed that the poor ticket sales are absolutely nothing to do with Judas Priest, or their popularity. Priest are still one of the world's top Metal bands and can sell out any stadium anywhere, easily. The poor sales are totally down to Sony's totally unprofessional promotion of the event.

It must also be stressed that the band have nothing to do with the refusal to honour the competition prizes. This is totally down to Sony and nothing whatsoever to do with Judas Priest whose honour and integrity remains completely intact.

We're on the case right now trying to get Sony to do the decent thing and honour the competition winners and if we don't get satisfaction by lunchtime today (Thursday 23rd May 2013), we will name and shame the people at Sony who have turned over the Judas Priest fans.

Sort it out Sony, or we will sort you out!


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