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1st February 2018


Heavy Metal legends Accept are currently laying waste to Europe on 'The Rise Of Chaos' world tour and to celebrate, MetalTalk are proudly giving away their latest CD and a t-shirt each to three lucky winners.

Accept could already claim big worldwide success with 'Blood Of The Nations' and 'Stalingrad', but with 'Blind Rage', they reached the pinnacle of their career in the form of a number one album. Besides number one in Germany, Accept also hit number one in Finland as well as several top ten positions; Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and last but not least, the US.

After releasing a string of Metal classics in the 80s such as 'Breaker' (1981), 'Balls To The Wall' (1983) and 'Metal Heart' (1985), which made them iconic, the band with Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes still haven’t peaked, especially if you glance across their touring schedule.

Accept have headlined Woodstock Festival Poland, Wacken Open Air, Czech Masters Of Rock Festival and Bang Your Head!!! Festival, Germany, amongst countless other performances over the last few years. Their Bang Your Head performance was also filmed and released last year in the form of a live DVD/Blu-ray+2CD package titled 'Restless And Live', reminiscent of their classic 'Restless And Wild' from 1982). With this DVD in the fans’ hands, Accept repeated their previous success with 'Blind Rage' by hitting number in the Swedish and German DVD charts.

But that's enough nostalgia - back to the present, back to 2018! After the aforementioned DVD’s unleashing and an almost three month long European tour, Accept speed around the corner with 'The Rise Of Chaos'. Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann comments on the album title.

"The rise of chaos is something I have been thinking about often. It describes a condition which is slowly spreading around the world. With the stage set up on our latest European tour, we wanted to portray rather dystopian and destroyed scenery. If you now take a look at our new cover, it's the same imagery. This time however you can also spot the invisible destruction that we feel more and more in these times, as well as the visible destruction."

Accept continue along the path they started with their three previous records, which is why the band has recorded their fourth studio album since 2010 once again with Andy Sneap. The exceptionally detailed artwork was created by Gyula Havancsák. Wolf adds:

"Previously our cover artworks had been really simple and focussed on one message. But this time, we wanted to make it more interesting by using an atmospheric picture where you can find a lot of hidden details, but also with a clear and thoughtful statement present."

The band delivers more than just a musical statement with 'The Rise Of Chaos'; in this case it's a clear announcement with the straight forward opening track 'Die By The Sword': Galloping drums, lightning guitars and Accept's trademark choir instantly silence any doubt as to whether they’re still the top dog when it comes to top-notch Teutonic Metal.


Second track, 'Hole In The Head', leaves no time to breathe, before the title track kick-starts and tries to pummel its way through the listener's ear canal. This song may evoke a sense of familiarity within listeners, because it was previously released with an impressive music video.

After consuming the upcoming 'Koolaid' shake, 'No Regrets' keeps heads banging with its speedy guitar solos, which concludes the first half of the record. 'Analog Man' rings in the second part, telling the story of the world's increasing digitisation. Its haunting (pre) chorus should undoubtedly confirm its place in forthcoming Accept setlists.

Track number eight, 'Worlds Colliding', marks the album's most thoughtful song, swiftly followed by the fastest banger of 'The Rise Of Chaos', 'Carry The Weight'. After forty-five minutes, the closer, 'Race To Extinction', lets the record fade out fittingly.

MetalTalk has three copies of 'The Rise Of Chaos' on CD plus t-shirts to give away in our exclusive competition.

To be in with a chance of winning, then correctly answer this question.

Who was the song 'Koolaid' written about?

a) Tom Jones
b) Jim Jones
c) Catherine Zeta Jones

Competition closes on 28th February 2018 and usual MetalTalk rules apply.



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