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26th July 2017

fuxk roxk

Our good friends at FuXk Roxk, the Fun Under Xtreme Conditions people, are making an impact with their brand new RoXk clothing range which is a salute to all rockers.

Fun and a 'work hard, play hard' mentality are at the core of the FuXk movement and FuXk Gear's new RoXk line of apparel will thump your chest, stress your ear drums and rock your face off.

And now you can win yourself a FuXk RoXk Swag Pack which includes a six pack of FuXk t-shirts of your choosing plus a MetalTalk t-shirt and a Total Rock t-shirt.

That's a massive pack of eight t-shirts worth around £140 in total.

You don't even have to answer a question to be in with a chance of winning. Simply click here fill out the entry form and you are entered. Easy as that.

Once you've done that, head to and have a browse at the range. You'll be very impressed.

FuXk was created by people who are passionate about life. but FuXk RoXk take it a step further by ensuring that no matter what Konditions they're operating in and no matter how Xtreme, they're having fun in the process.

Realising that life takes so many turns, FuXk RoXk wanted to make sure that having fun was never too distant from the centre of people's thoughts.

So whether it's grinding out your work day, rocking out at a concert or going through a tough personal ordeal Fuxk Roxk want you to make sure there's at least an ounce of fun in everything you do and invite you to join the journey and passion around driving Fun Under Xtreme Konditions.

And if you don't subscribe to the philosophy, well just come along for the FuXk of it!

Click the banner to enter our exclusive competition and win yourself a Swag Baf of eight t-shirts. Competition closes at midnight Friday 8th September 2017 and usual MetalTalk and Total Rock competition rules apply.


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