4th August 2019


The first bands for Wacken Open Air 2020 have just been announced with the mighty Judas Priest celebrating '50 Heavy Metal Years' at the Holy Ground, Amon Amarth for an impressive ninth Wacken Open appearance amongst the big highlights so far.

King Diamond brings his reunited Mercyful Fate to Wacken while Gothenburg's At The Gates will perform their 1995 classic album, 'Slaughter Of The Soul', in its entirety.

The instigators of Black Metal, Venom, with legendary frontman Cronos will make a rare appearance at Wacken and are promising one hell of a gig with more high-class brutality to be delivered by Hypocrisy, who participated at the Wacken Open Air for the first time in 1998.

Sodom blasted out a stone cold classic with 'Agent Orange' in 1989 and after the recent return of guitarist Frank Blackfire, they will perform a special 'Agent Orange' show at Wacken 2020.

One of the first bands to emerge from the second wave of thrash from California are Death Angel and you'll see them riff away on one of the Wacken stages in 2020.

Sick Of It All will make their second Wacken appearance while Beast In Black, Nervosa and Cemican from Mexico all grace the Wacken stages.

Wacken Open Air 2020 comes with a theme that will run through the whole festival: Maya and Aztec culture. The theme is not just about a look... there will special food, related shows, sights, and sounds. All of this will happen on the Holy Ground of Wacken as part of the celebration of Heavy Metal music. Get ready for a surprise.

Bands already confirmed for 2020:
Judas Priest
Amon Amarth
Mercyful Fate
At the Gates
Death Angel
Sick Of It All
Beast In Black

Tickets are on sale from Monday morning right here.



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