metal talk
metal talk
  5th February 2010


NWOBHM legends Jaguar have signed up to the fastest growing Metal site on the web and are now naming as their official forum.

Jaguar have been in existence since 1979, aside from a small break between 1985 and 1998. Even during this hiatus, the band lived on in many people's hearts and minds.

It's true to say that Jaguar were never in 'the right place at the right time', or 'knew the right people', but within the hardcore NWOBHM community Jaguar's name is held in some regard and as much in HM fans memories as the bigger fish that made it.

Jaguar are looking forward to a productive 2010 with the following gigs already booked and more to be announced soon.

* Friday 14th May 2010 - Treibsand, Lubeck, Germany (with 'Picture') * Saturday 15th May 2010 - Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Holland (with 'Picture') * Saturday 31st July 2010 - Frimchett Festival, Frimley Lodge Park, Surrey * Saturday 9th October 2010 - Ages Of Metal Festival, Belgium are delighted to have Jaguar on board and we are really looking forward to a successful collaboration.


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