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  10th February 2010


This month's biggest and most unexpected announcement was the return of David Ellefson to Megadeth.

The bass player and founding member appeared on every Megadeth album and tour from 1985's 'Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!' through to 2002's 'Rude Awakening' before relations with Mustaine soured and Ellefson left the band.

david ellefson

The pair have clearly made a huge effort to heal the rifts and this has culminated in this week's announcement that Ellefson is back and just in time for the 'Rust In Peace' 20th Anniversary Tour of The States from March 1st onwards.

Dave Mustaine's delight at his partner's return is evident from his interviews this week and we put some brief questions to the bassman about the whole scenario. Your return to Megadeth was very sudden indeed. How did it all come about and was it planned for long before the announcement?

David E: It all came about the last few days which is very exhilarating. I think it was a pleasant surprise for all of us. Is it a permanent return or just for the Rust In Peace tour? Are you coming to play Download with Megadeth as well?

David E: The plan is to fire it up and go! How will this affect Hail! and Angels of Babylon?

David E: HAIL! was always intended as a celebration of metal for the fans to see well known musicians perform the soundtrack to our heavy metal lives. I think a rotating lineup has kept it fresh and exciting so I give it my full blessing to play shows if I'm unavailable, just as the band has done with other member's schedule conflicts.

For ANGELS OF BABYLON I'm happy to have participated on that album and there is discussion for the USA release. There are no current touring plans right now and that would have to be visited if they were to come about. Obviously, right now my plate is pretty full with MEGADETH. Dave Mustaine said in the announcement that you belong in Megadeth. Have you had many thoughts about rejoining Megadeth in the eight years since you left and were you always hopeful that it would happen?

David E: It's always been on my mind and I was hoping this day would arrive. I've done a lot of new things these past few years and really enjoyed them, which brings me new perspective and an even greater appreciation of what Dave and I have done over the years. What do you think the future holds for you and Dave Mustaine? Can we expect a follow-up album to Endgame with you on it?

David E: My attitude is to take it all a day at a time and cherish the moments we have as they come to us.


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