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metal talk
  12th February 2010


Wendy Dio, Ronnie James Dio's wife/manager has this week posted the following update on the great singers' battle against cancer:

"Since my last update, we have been back and forth to Houston three times for tests and chemo treatments, an emergency run to St. Joseph's for another blood clot, an ultrasound and another cat scan. We met with Dr. Ajani, Ronnie's oncologist, on Monday, and he was very pleased with the treatment so far. Some tumours have gone and some have shrunk.

He says we have a long road to travel, but we are on the right path. "Going back and forth to Houston is getting old, with all the cancelled and delayed flights and some of the rude Continental staff, the same boring food at the hotel (I think we have eaten everything on their horrible menu!), but …when we get a good report from the doctor, it is all worth it.

"The only food Ronnie says he can taste is Indian curry; everything tastes like metal (HEAVY metal?) because of the chemo. We did, however, have a nice breakfast with Carmen (a Dio fan Ronnie met at M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre on his second trip) and his mother on Friday. He is still waiting for his bone marrow transplant.

"I am so sorry if I have upset any of our friends for not returning calls or emails, but please understand that it is so draining for me to go over and over to everyone about Ronnie's progress. This is why I thought that if I wrote an update once a month, everyone can know of Ronnie's progress at the same time.

"The fan club just delivered a huge sack of mail, and we have been reading all the wonderful cards and letters you have all sent. "Thank you all so much. It keeps our spirits up knowing you all love Ronnie so much and wish him well.

"Ronnie and I have a great support system: Simon, who does so much; Geezer and Gloria (she has been my strength; every day she listens to me, whether I am happy or not); Sheila and Jacqui, friends for 25 years who would go anywhere or do anything for Ronnie or I; Mike Carden, a cancer survivor who is always available to talk to; Rudy, Vinny, Doug, Scott, Big Scott, Lois and Wyn; my colleagues at work,— Marchele, Lynne, Carmen, Anthony and Diana; Dr. Mena, Dr. Chu and our wonderful Dr. Kapoor, who is available 24/7 for us and spent his whole Sunday day off with us at the emergency room; and, of course Dr. Ajani, who mixes his magic cocktail of chemo and gives us hope.

"Ronnie takes a walk every day in the park and keeps busy with his music and watching sports. He was really mad that he missed the Super Bowl because we had to fly back to Houston on that Sunday, as his chemo started at 8:00 a.m. on Monday.

He is in real good spirits and will be going to the studio next week to listen to the mix of the Heaven & Hell DVD that will be released later this year. He is itching to get back on tour, and with the good reports and all of your prayers and good energy, I think he is going to make it."


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