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metal talk
  12th February 2010


Al Atkins 'Holy Rage' - Band Announcement - New Line Up

At the begining of the year AL began writing some new songs with the help and ideas of two other writers for the 'Holy Rage' debut album and shocked us all by announcing that he wanted both of them to play a part in the band too.

After listening to the new songs that they had written and rehearsing together for the first time, it really does sound like a killer idea. Not are we sounding even more heavier and it seems like we have played together forever.

These are very exiting times for us and we now want to announce that the new line up for the band is now...

AL Atkins (vocals
Chris Johnson (guitar)
Mick Hales (drums)
'new member' Vince O'Regan (guitar) ex Bob Catley/Eden
'new member' Steve Mercy (bass/vocals) ex Abigails Mercy

We would also want to wish Scott all the best for the future and for all his input and contribution while playing for us and by telling everyone that there is no ill feeling with him leaving the band and we will all be having a beer or two again with him very soon.


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