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metal talk
  12th February 2010


Excerpt from Get Ready To Rock! review (thanks to Mark Taylor & Noel Buckley):

After a long day of blues, this die hard rocker wanted some metal action, which first came in the shape of melodic heavy rockers Praying Mantis.

Being a mainly blues crowd at this festival and going on after the excellent set from Chantel McGregor I thought that people may leave in their droves, but I was proved wrong and 99% of the audience remained where they were and enjoyed a refined set from the Mantis.

The dancefloor in front of the stage soon filled up and it was the balladish 'Turn The Tide' from the new release 'Sanctuary' that went down best.

The more I hear this number the more I like it.

Singer Mike Freeland has a fine set of pipes and the Troy brothers seemed to be enjoying themselves on this big stage. 'Captured City' from the early days ended this set with great applause from this receptive crowd, many seeing Praying Mantis for the first time.

Praying Mantis are a long way from becoming extinct. Long may they continue.

Read the full report by clicking here.

Praying Mantis ' Captured City' Video: Live Performance from Rock N Blues Festival, Skegness Feb 2010

USA Radio (airings for Jan):

IM Radio. Praying Mantis PLAYING GOD aired 02/01/2010 11:47:47 PM on IM Radio - check it out by clicking here.

Metal Head Radio

Praying Mantis aired 27th January 6pm to 9pm est on Metal Head Radio USA - Listen in at

metal talk
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