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  17th February 2010


AC/DC fans from all over Europe, America and the UK will be descending on Perth on Friday for the 30th anniversary of Bon Scott's death.

Thousands will pay their respects at Bon's grave in Fremantle and most will be staying to see the band rock out in Scott's hometown Subiaco Oval on March 6 or 8.

Scott's mother Isa, now in her 90s, and one of his siblings live in Perth, and are known to be intensely private. It remains to be seen whether they will visit his grave on this major anniversary of his death. Scott died in London during a tour at the age of 33.

Bon Scott WA fan club founder Doug Thorncroft has organised a tribute gig night at the Railway Hotel on Friday and said he expected hundreds of fans to visit the grave and statue on the same day.

"Every February we do something to commemorate the occasion," he said from Sydney where he is preparing the see the band play on Thursday night.

"People will go to the cemetery and pay their respects, then go down to the statue, just generally be there where Bon Scott trod in the past, all those year ago."

Fans from Spain, Germany, the UK, Canada, Italy, France and America have booked the Highway to Hell tram tour visiting places around Fremantle that were pivotal in Scott's life including his school, childhood home and Fremantle Prison. The frontman was never a resident at the jail but passed through the institution on his way to juvenile detention.

Tour operator John Tompkins said fans were diverting their trips to other Australian cities to include a stopover in Perth to visit Scott's grave on Friday.

"The distances people are travelling has amazed me, and the amount of media interest from around the world in our tour and the anniversary too," he said.

The tour usually runs once a week and additional services will run this week for fans.

Many who took the tours in the past had an 'encylopedic knowledge' of Scott's life, and were so respectful of the music legend that they refused to take pictures at the grave, Tompkins said.


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