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metal talk
  18th February 2010


The worst kept secret in the world. The new Iron Maiden album is finished...

Although there is no word on Maiden's official site, the following statements appear on producer Kevin Shirley's diary on his personal site.

Friday February 12th 2010: Nassau, Bahamas

Last day in the studio today and all the music recording is done! There's still work to do, but the band portion is complete and in the can, so to speak. Home tomorrow to see my beautiful family, just in time for Valentine's Day.......

Saturday February 6th 2010: Nassau, Bahamas

"The worst kept secret in the world..... well, this 2010 album is all but finished, just a few finishing touches back in my studio, and it's all over!"

Speculation is mounting that the album will be released in July as Metal Hammer gave away an Iron Maiden sticker album with this month's issue with a mystery back page saying 'All will be revealed in July 2010'.

Make of that what you will...


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