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  1st March 2010


Some brand new music from Voodoo Six - the first release from their new album "Fluke".

You may have heard that that the band have finally unleashed some new music on the world. If you listen to Planet Rock, you will know that they have been playing "Take The Blame" over the last month or so, and now the band have released a five track digital EP entitled "A Little Something For You" including Hi Resolution artwork.

This is available exclusively via the official website by clicking here at the very reasonable price of £3.99. Also available is a T shirt package. The tracklisting is as follows:

Something For You
Where You Want Me
Take The Blame
Live Again
Long Way From Home

Competition - get your name on the new record

Voodoo Six are pretty excited about their new album and judging by the feedback they have been getting back from people who have already bought the EP, it seems you guys are too, so the aim is to make sure that as many people as possible get to hear the music.

With that in mind, the band want you to help us tell the world about the forthcoming album release, and to give you a bit of encouragement, they have decided to launch a competition to see who can spread the word the furthest and the fastest. This is what you do:

· Go to the website homepage by clicking here.

· In the top right hand corner you will see a streaming player featuring the new EP. In the bottom right corner of the player, under the "Buy Now" button, click the small buttton marked "share".

· Enter your email address in the top box and then enter the addresses of anyone who you think would enjoy our music in the second box, seperated by a comma and a space.

· Enter a message in the bottom box so people know why you are sending them the player - and you are done.

Once a week the band will publish a table of the top sharers both in an email, and on their various online sites, then at the end of the four week period the winners will be published. There is no limit to the number of people you can send it to, but duplicate email addresses only count as one.

The more tecnologically minded of you can also post the streaming player on your own Facebook and MySpace pages by clicking the embed button (next to the share button), and copy and pasting the embed code.

Competition prizes

Now the good bit.

Top 100 sharers will all receive an exclusive two track digital download and a thank you video message from the band.

Top 25 sharers will receive an exclusive two track digital download, a thank you video message from the band and a copy of the new album "Fluke".

Top 10 sharers will receive an exclusive two track digital download, a thank you video message from the band, a copy of the new album "Fluke", a Little Something For You T shirt and have their name listed in the credits on the album sleeve.

Tour news

London Borderline, March 2nd Luke's debut with us will take place tomorrow night in the intimate surroundings of the London's newly refurbished Borderline.

Joiners Southampton, March 6th

Tickets for both shows are available from the official Voodoo Six ticket line by clicking here

To mark the occasion, the band are also offering a special ticket plus T shirt package with a one-off limited edition of the tour T Shirt featuring an exclusive backprint. This shirt is only available to advance ticket buyers for the London Borderline show.

Click here to see a preview of the shirt.


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