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  9th March 2010


Ian Wilson, drummer of Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm has left the band. The following statement from Ian appeared on a MySpace blog.

"So aye, I quit Alestorm earlier this week because I'd basically just had enough of all the bullshit that goes with being in that band. I'm not going to divulge much information because I'm totally done with it. But I will say that for me I had nothing more to give to the band and had no time left for some of the people in Alestorm. So that was what my final decision was based on.

"The positive from this is I can now focus all my attention on music I want to play! I've been writing material for my new band The Bloodless which I've formed with some old band mates from Catharist, and I've also been able to recruit my boy Pat Henry (Swashbuckle) on vocals which I'm excited about.

"We're playing some old school death metal inspired by shit like Hypocrisy, Entombed and Death Breath and I'm quite sure it's gonna be a success judging by the material we've got already!"

Click here for the statement in it's original form.

Alestorm have made no comment on the situation so far and there is no news of a replacement for Ian, who also left the band in 2008 but returned during the same year.

Alestorm recently announced the 'Plunder Down Under' tour of Australia which will take place in June of this year and the band are currently in Europe on the Paganfest Tour although who is playing drums is a mystery at this time.

The 'Plunder Down Under' 2010 dates include:

17 - Amplifier Bar - Perth, Australia
18 - The Corner - Melbourne, Australia
19 - The Factory - Sydney, Australia
20 - Rosies - Brisbane, Australia


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