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metal talk
  16th March 2010


Soilwork frontman Björn 'Speed' Strid has checked in with his latest update from the studio where the band are recording their latest album.

"We are currently recording vocals and, as usual, it's long days with small breaks. We're talking twelve hours of singing, every day. It's funny when you analyze it, screaming for twelve hours a day (except when our insane booking agent John Finberg calls and wants to make fun of my moustache).

"It's crazy... anyways, I feel it's sounding absolutely fantastic this time around, even though you tend to lose your temper every now and then. No bloody knuckles this time though, just walls falling over in the vocal booth and a lot of cursing in Swedish.

"It's only me, Peter (Wichers) and Sylvain (Coudret) left in the house. Flink and Sven (Karlsson) left a week ago and it's feeling kind of empty in this insanely big house. There's a good spirit though. It's starting to get nice and warm outside and Peter's wife and little son Leo are spreading a lot of joy in the house, too. Leo is sleeping on the bed while I'm screaming my eyes out. Unbelievable.

"Me and Peter have discussed the album a lot and we really feel that it's a schizophrenic masterpiece. There's a lot of surprises and trippy parts and sometimes so full-on that it leaves you absolutely breathless. It is the most intense Soilwork album so far, without a doubt. My fave songs right now are 'The Thrill', 'The Akuma Afterglow', 'Epitome' and 'Let This River Flow'.

"It's been very draining for me going through all the lyrics. Very heavy stuff and it's like the last two years are flashing by.

"We have four more days to go and then we're off to Sweden to mix this monster. Jens Bogren is waiting in the city of Örebro and he is just excited as us to get this album done. We'll talk to you soon."

Soilwork's new studio album, 'The Panic Broadcast', will be released on 25th June through Nuclear Blast Records.


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