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  16th March 2010


NWOBHM band Elixir are working on a new album to be entitled 'All Hallows Eve'.

Writing sessions are coming to an end and the band are preparing to begin recording in the coming weeks. Featuring the line-up that recorded the acclaimed 'The Son of Odin' album, (Paul Taylor on vocals, Stormin' Norman Gordon and Phil Denton on guitars, Kevin Dobbs on bass and Nigel Dobbs on drums) the band are optimistic that the new album will be their best yet.

Phil Denton remarked, "We will be recording ourselves this time, which will give us a lot more freedom to experiment and get things sounding how we want them to be. We have some killer songs, and can't wait to get them down and out there."

Tracks include the fifteen minute epic 'Samhain', 'Pagan Queen', 'Daughters of the Moon', 'The Spell', 'You're Not Fooling Me', 'All Hallows Eve' and 'Midnight Messiah' – performed live at Hard Rock Hell III and described in a recent edition of Classic Rock Magazine by writer Geoff Barton as a "soaring anthem".

The band will work in collaboration with artist Duncan Storr, whose artwork has graced many covers including Hawkwind's 'Chronicles' album, and Elixir's 'Lethal Potion'.

"We will work closely with Duncan to get a great album cover that will suitably reflect the theme of the new album" says Phil.

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