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  23rd March 2010


sacred mother tongue

UK Metal band Sacred Mother Tongue begin filming their new video today and have issued the following update:

"It's been a hell of a long time since our last video release and after our misfortune with the last attempt we have been planning it carefully. Of course when Two Thousand Eight Hundred was made we really had no money or in fact no idea what we were doing, so it was a small miracle that it came out OK, and actually made it on screen with Scuzz and MTV2. So our follow up video for Anger on Reflection was on a bigger budget and was meant to be the business... however due to directorial differences between the film makers and ourselves, we decided to pull the video from You Tube after a short two week evaluation period and it was never submitted to the TV stations.

"So this time we have a different approach, instead of having zero input to the video as before, this time I'm taking control. The video will feature a song from the debut album 'The Ruin of Man'. The track may not be the obvious choice commercially but it just feels right to do it this way. Thanks to everyone who's made suggestions about what song to use. It all helps and obviously some of you were right. So... what track will it be? Answers on a blogcard please.

"We start shooting on Monday and estimate a release around the end of April so watch this space. I think the premier will be on Scuzz TV even before we release it on You Tube but I'll let you know when we have a date in mind. As I said I've taken control of things this time, which means I've not only written and story boarded the video, but I've co-ordinated the whole thing, and with the help of film crew 'BearLeft', I will be directing the whole process. My debut, can't wait.

"The Lovely guys at Blackstar and Ampeg have helped us out with some gear and to top that, no self respecting metal head makes a video without a sexy chick in it; and trust me, I am self respecting!

"That's all for now folks, keep checking back for more news about the video and have your best guess at what song we're using. We've employed the services of King Billy (Super DJ, Chris Jacks) to document the making of the video so watch out for some 'behind the scenes' shenanigans very soon." Darrin South – Vocals.

Sacred Mother Tongue played the 2nd Stage at Download 2009 as well as Hammerfest, Hellfire 1+2 and Hard Rock Hell festivals. They are just about to embark on their second UK headline tour having built a strong national following. Their debut album 'The Ruin of Man' received stunning reviews and has sold thousands of copies across Europe.


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