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  25th March 2010



Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt has issued the following statement conerning the band's recent song for the 'God of War 3' soundtrack and Opeth's upcoming new album:

"Lady Gaga called me up! That was a lie....sorry, that's like fucking SPAM! Quite interesting to see how diverse the reactions have been to our last song, 'The Throat Of Winter' that we recorded to be included on a disc coming with the 'God of War 3' game. Everything from 'loving it' to 'hating it' to juvenile 'meh' comments.

"I'm happy we've caused some reactions at least, rather raise a taste-agenda than a shrug. It's quite clear to me that some have yet to understand what this band is about. Some say the song doesn't 'fit' the game, as if we'd ever, in our career, been interested in fitting in. Sorry! I was asked to write an Opeth song, and that's what I did. Couldn't care less if we fit in or not.

"At this point I'm complete and utterly bored with new streamlined music. Bored to tears by conventional metal arrangements. I think the future album will be more or less devoid of any fluid writing. It will be all over the place I guess, because that's what I and ultimately Opeth as a band find interesting these days. I want it to be fucked up! I've written a ten minute plus piece so far and it's miserable sounding (in a good way, for me at least) and quite disturbing. Don't know whether it will make the final cut, but it's certainly set the tone for what type of music I want to write right now. I can't foresee what you as 'fans' will think of anything we put out anymore. I stopped wondering after 'Damnation' got hate-bombed, so we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

"I certainly appreciate all your support during the years. Sorry I can't commit to pleasing you all, but as we all know it simply doesn't work like that. I'm happy, just wrote some lovely music with a friend and it opened my eyes somewhat. This music might come across as un-focused, but it's really crystal clear.

"20th anniversay shows are round the corner. We're rehearsing and it's quite fun (for a change). Been revisiting some old material and it sounds just 'right'! Looks like all six shows will sell out, which is nice... four have sold out already. Appreciate that you wanna come and see us. What was going to be a quiet celebration in a pub escalated to six of the biggest shows we've ever done on our own. I mean, it's the fucking Royal Albert Hall among others. Stupid!! OK, listening to a Mono copy of 'The Beatles' (White album). Quite a different experience really! What an album! Stupid! (X2)"


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