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metal talk
  1st April 2010


serj tankian

Serj Tankian is currently mixing his new album which will be titled 'Imperfect Harmonies' and will be the follow-up to his 2007 solo debut 'Elect the Dead'.

Tankian is self-producing 'Imperfect Harmonies' at his home studio in Los Angeles. The album will be released by Serjical Strike/Reprise Records in late summer.

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"Elect the Dead is essentially a rock record with progressive melodic elements," Tankian says.

"Imperfect Harmonies could be classified as Rock because it is punchy with many peaks throughout, but the instrumentation is somewhat different. Though there are live drums, bass, and some guitars, the driving aspects are electronic and orchestral. It's quite unique in its sound palette."

"This is, in essence, music that has sat in the vat and matured to a ripe sensation and is now ready to serve."


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