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  5th April 2010


sammy hagar

Sammy Hagar recently spoke to The San Gabriel Valley Tribune and says he is happy with the direction that his current band CHICKENFOOT is going.

But the singer couldn't help speaking out about the lack of Van Halen's progress and seemed amazed that Van Halen haven't released a new studio album in nearly twenty years.

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"The band broke up in 1995. The last record was in '93. Seventeen years and they haven't made any new music. That's crazy... if it changed and it was like it used to be when I was in the band, I could do a reunion and an album, but not under these circumstances."

Hagar recalled that back in 2004 when he and current Chickenfoot bandmate Michael Anthony recorded three new songs for Van Halen's 'Best Of Both Worlds' compilation, the pace that the band was working at was far to slow for him.

"We tried to make a record, but, y'know, it just was taking so long we only got three songs done, and not 'cause of me, I'll tell ya straight up. If anyone ever says anything like that I was the problem on that record, they're crazy.

"I had my stuff totally together. I went in, I knocked my stuff out, and then Eddie [Van Halen] would take months to do a guitar solo or something. It was just way too drawn out. I can't work like that."


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