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  15th April 2010


peter steele

The internet is awash with reports that Type O Negative's frontman Peter Steele died last night from heart failure aged 48. There has as yet been no official statement as yet but the news has been announced through many different sources.

Fuse TV presenter Juliya Chernetsky said the following on Twitter:

"Peter Steele passed today. I loved my friend... our idol... my heart is with his band and family... He passed of heart failure today. Just spoke to Kenny [presumably Kenny Hickey, Type O's guitarist]"

Online rock radio station are also saying that they have had confirmation of the news through 'a source from within the band' and there have been rumours that Peter had been ill for the past few days.

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Real name Petrus Ratajczyk, Steele first appeared as the frontman of thrash metal band Carnivore in the mid-80s, though came to wider attention through Type O Negative, who formed in 1990. Best known for singles such as 'Black No 1' and 'My Girlfriend's Girlfriend', the band's dark, theatrical songs, laced with tongue-in-cheek humour, and delivered in Steele's low, booming voice polarised metal fans but gained the band a large following. Steele also notoriously posed nude for Playgirl magazine in 1995.

This is not the first time Steele's death has been reported. In 2005 Type O fans were shocked when they logged in to the Type O Negative website to find a picture of a gravestone eulogising the band's frontman. Rumours that Steele was ill with a variety of possible illnesses, or had committed suicide had been circulating at the time.

That fake announcement of his death was intended as a joke.


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