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  19th April 2010


imperial vengeance

British Extreme Metal act Imperial Vengeance have inked a new deal with Transcend Records which will see them sending their first release over the top in early July.

This will be followed by their second album "The Black Heart of Empire" for which the band have already completed the primary writing cycle.

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Imperial Vengeance was formed in 2007 by C. Edward Alexander (Vocals, Guitars and Orchestration) and David Bryan (Bass, Lyrics) in an attempt to explore ideas and material firmly rooted in the glory days of the British Empire and presenting a wide range of subjects influenced by its colourful social and military histories, theatre, literature and mythologies.

The early part of 2008 saw the release of the duo's first endeavour: a self released 4-track EP called 'Death: August & Royal' featuring the drumming talents of William Drury, which was met with acclaim and led to the band's deal with UK label Candlelight Records.

Fuelled by absinthe and cigar smoke, the duo spent the rest of the year writing and then recording their debut album: 'At The Going Down Of The Sun', ten tracks of what the duo referred to as 'Dark Aristocratic Metal' with the title track featuring a specially recorded passage from Harry Patch, who at the age of 110 was the last surviving tommy to have seen combat in the trenches of the Pashcendale. Mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima and released in the July of 2009, the CD has been attracting considerable attention and very positive reviews internationally.

In the following September a live line-up was revealed consisting of Elle Torry and James Murray on guitars and new sticksman James Last, with an arresting promo for the track '6th Airborne Division', shot at the 400 Company studios in London. Most importantly, the band made its blistering live debut at The Garage in London, opening for Cathonic closely followed by a set on Remembrance Sunday at Hellfire Festival at Birmingham's NEC to an audience of union flag waving fans, and attracting a worldwide management deal with Transcend Management.

Within weeks, the duo recorded an EP in which they covered the classic Madness song 'Night Boat To Cairo', with a suitably eccentric video to accompany the release.

Transcend General Rob Ferguson had this to say; "From the minute I discovered Imperial Vengeance I was drawn to the band, they offer something musically and visually exciting which is totally focussed, delivered with the military precision you would expect. Their work ethic is second to none and their work rate is phenomenal! When the opportunity arose to sign this band I didn't hesitate for a second and we are all very much looking forward to a long and happy term of duty".


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