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18th August 2010

 four wheel drive

Four Wheel Drive have posted a short film of the making of the AC/DC cover 'Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' online.

The song was recorded in May for the Metal Hammer cover mounted AC/DC tribute CD.

Four Wheel Drive were asked to step in at short notice as another band were unable to fulfil their obligations.

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"We were asked by Metal Hammer on the Saturday afternoon to record our version of the song and the deadline for delivery was Monday morning. We had to pull out all the stops to do it..." said lead singer and bass player Jamie Lailey.

"We were playing a gig on the Saturday evening and we went into the studio as soon as it was over and came out at dawn on the Sunday with the finished track which we delivered to Metal Hammer well before the deadline."

Jamie makes it sound all so easy but the truth is far from that as apparently the band did not know the song before they went to record it in the middle of the night.

"No, we didn't know it at all as we'd never played it. But I hope our fanbase like the end result." is sure that they will... here's the making of 'Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution'.

Click here if you want to download a copy of this track to keep.


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