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5th September 2010


Hollow are easily one of the most underrated bands in the history of progressive power metal. Their two stunning albums 'Modern Cathedral' and 'Architect of the Mind' never received the attention they deserved, despite stellar reviews in the music press.

Metal Mind Productions presents the exclusive double reissue which brings back true classics from the past, filled with music that brings 'power' back to 'power metal'.

The history of the band began in the early 1990's in the university town of Umeå, Sweden. There guitarist/vocalist Andreas Stoltz teamed up with Marcus Bigren (guitar), Thomas Nilsson (bass) and Urban Vikstrom (drums) to form a unique power metal group, which they called Vaalkyrian.

The name was eventually changed to Hollow and in 1995 the band released a demo called 'Speak To Me', which contained six tracks. This was followed in 1997 by a self-titled EP with 4 tracks, which caught the attention of MM Records, a small, independent label. By the end of the year Hollow released their debut LP 'Modern Cathedral'. In 1998 the album got re-issued with a new cover by Nuclear Blast.

'Modern Cathedral' was an amazing collection of progressive power metal tracks strongly influenced by such acts as Queensryche, Crimson Glory or Elegy. With their debut release Hollow have proven that the genre holds no secrets for them. Crafty compositions, for exmaple the doom-infected 'In Your Arms' or the brilliant power ballad 'Lies', phenomenal guitarwork and Andreas Stoltz's impressive vocals all made this a truly extraordinary LP.

Hollow returned in 1999 with their sophomore offering 'Architect of the Mind'. This time the music was even heavier and more powerful than on 'Modern Cathedral'. With such brilliant tracks as 'Rain', 'Father' or the ultra-fast 'Shadow God' the group once again showcased their incredible skills. Even Stoltz's singing got better, his vocals in mid and high register were equally mind-blowing.

The album received a very warm reception in the music press and Hollow were considered a breath of fresh air on the power metal scene. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances the band ceased to exist not long after the release of 'Architect of the Mind'. As of 1999, Hollow remains a solo project governed solely by Andreas Stoltz.

He occasionally posts new tracks on his MySpace page, the latest being called 'Descending' a song written in memory of Crimson Glory's late vocalist Midnight who departed in July 2009.

This exclusive double re-release of 'Modern Cathedral' and 'Architect of the Mind' holds two extraordinary musical gems that after all these years shine with the same overwhelming intensity. Both albums are absolutely essential for fans of progressive power metal, delivering all the best this genre has to offer.

The new digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 11th October in Europe and 7th December in USA (via MVD).

Hollow 'Architect Of The Mind'/'Modern Cathedral' (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1396 DGD
Barcode: 5907785036338
Format: 2CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: Progressive power metal
Release date: 11.10.2010 Europe / 07.12.2010 USA


CD 1 - 'Architect of the Mind'

1. Transcending Sorrow
2. Cogito
3. Rain
4. Shadow God
5. Secluded Dreams
6. Walls of Confusion
7. Binary Creed
8. Deified
9. Alone In Darkness
10. Shutdown
11. Father

CD 2 - 'Modern Cathedral'

1. Trademark
2. Can You Hear Me?
3. Speak To Me
4. Bagatell
5. Crusaders
6. Lies
7. Wounds
8. In Your Arms
9. Whispers
10. Hold Your Banners High
11. What I Can Be
12. Waiting


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