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metal talk
3rd October 2010

tokyo blade

Tokyo Blade have completed their brand new studio album and have issued the following statement about it:

"The album is now finished and will be mixed in approx three weeks. We are treating it as the 3rd album, or the 3rd album that should have been, so to speak. We view it as the natural follow up to NOTB as the songs hark back to the glory days of NWOBHM."

Article continues below...

"We have deliberately recorded the whole thing in a very live manner in just over a week (real time) as albums were recorded then.

"No keyboards, no bullshit, just 100% heavy metal helped considerably by the talent of our new vocalist Nicolaj and classic heavy metal producer Chris Tsangarides, as you know.

"The title will most likely be '1000 Men Strong.'"


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