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3rd October 2010


Spinefarm Records UK have announced a forthcoming UK tour featuring Celesty, Metsatoll and Kiuas beginning 20th October and ending 26th October.


Formed in 1998 in Seinäjoki, Finland, Celesty?s fourth studio album is the embodiment of everything these power metal warriors have been striving for for a decade. Masterfully orchestrated by Kalevi Olli, better known for his work with the Finnish National Opera, and with the Tampere City Orchestra lending their skills as well, 'Vendetta' can be cited as a fantastic, grandiose tour-de-force - a journey through the enchanted kingdoms of Epic Symphonic Power Metal.

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Combining the strengths of Sonata Arctica, Manowar and Rhapsody of Fire, 'Vendetta' is an excercise in grandeur; a record capable of leaving the Celesty name on the lips of every power metal aficionado on the planet.

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From the darkest depths of Estonia comes 'Metsatoll who are a band that is on the hunt, with its name being an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf.

They have already made some awesome marks from their humble beginnings in 1999, they have had a long and varied career, including many awards for their albums, DVDs and touring with Ensiferum (FIN) in 2009.

With a new album launched in March 2010 mixed by the legendary producer and sound engineer Mikko Karmila, they have teamed up with Kiuas and Celesty to slaughter the UK.

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KIUAS appeared at the Spinefarm Records UK launch event at the London Astoria on March 8th having already performed at Bloodstock last year, Kiuas - pronounced Key-wass - are past masters at giving the lever marked 'epic' a mighty good yank.

'The New Dark Age' is the title of their latest album and hit the stores in May 2008. The Finnish Five?s first two releases ('The Spirit Of Ukko' & 'Reformation') then lovers of what has come to be known as 'battle metal' have pulled out all of the stops with the latest release.

Drawing from the worlds of Death & Melodic Metal alike, Kiuas give the impression that much of their time is spent sitting around camp-fires on the frozen tundra, swapping tales of heroism and toasting the most ancient of the gods, which, let's face it, isn't a bad way to spend an evening.

With '... Dark Age' track 'Conqueror' now confirmed as the new video, it's time once again to raise banners, tankards and swords. ALL HAIL!

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20th Oct Wrexham, Central Station
22nd Oct Sheffield Corporation
23rd Glasgow Ivory Blacks
24th Nottingham Basement
26th London Camden Underworld


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