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6th October 2010

the who

The Who will release a special deluxe edition of their classic 1970 album 'Live At Leeds' on November 15 to celebrate the album's 40th anniversary. The deluxe edition has two CDs with the whole of the celebrated Leeds show, plus two CDs with the entire performance at Hull City Hall the following night.

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The Hull gig was meant to be the gig released as the live album, with the Leeds gig intended only as back-up, but when the first reel of tape from Hull was played back, the bass lines were missing.

It was assumed this would be the case for the whole recording, so Leeds got the nod. Now it turns out the bass was there for the rest of the performance.

Using modern technology, the bass has been restored completely on the first reel. In addition, there's a heavyweight vinyl version included of the original 'Live At Leeds' and a seven inch single, 'Summertime Blues'/'Heaven And Hell', in a coloured sleeve.

Plus a classic poster and a 64-page hard back book, with rare photos, mementos and sleeve notes.


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