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11th October 2010

sonic syndicate

The music video for Sonic Syndicate's latest single 'Turn It Up!' from the smash album 'We Rule the Night' has now been leaked onto YouTube and other video resources.

Due to the offensive content of the video it has been taken offline as quickly as it is being uploaded in most places and Facebook deleted the band's page as their terms regarding 'offensive' material were broken. You can view the video below!

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Sonic Syndicate have issued the following statement;

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

"Our new video entitled 'Turn It Up!' seems to have been prematurely released all over the world wide web today.

"Within just a few short hours the video spread to a countless number of websites and was banned on 90% of all websites which include a permanent deletion of our official Facebook page.

"When we filmed this video we of course we wanted to make a video that would shock the world and what better way to do it then with Sex, Drugs, Blood and Rock and Roll!

"But, along with the video comes some very strong lyrical content that takes us way deeper then what you're acutely visualizing in the new video.

"We hope that everyone can take one step back and remember that along with a new video comes a new SONG which indeed has LYRICS and meaning.

"Sonic Syndicate in no way supports alcohol abuse or drug usage. 'Turn it Up!' is no doubt a party song and designed to be the soundtrack to a great night out. However, the lyrics hold a deeper meaning and are based on a true story of a girl who has gone into a downward spiral of addiction and self destruction hurting herself and those around her.

"We purposely made a video to be entertaining but we also want to highlight these negativities with hopes of making people think before they go to far."

- Nathan, Sonic Syndicate

And here's the video for 'Turn It Up!'


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