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12th October 2010


From today, Tuesday 12th October, are hosting a listening party for Angra's new album 'Aqua', which goes on sale tomorrow through SPV/Steamhammer.

This is Angra's follow up to their 2006 release 'Aurora Consurgens' and is available in three formats: a standard jewel case edition, a double LP edition that includes 3 bonus tracks and a digital download.

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Angra guitarist Rafael Bittencourt recently spoke about the concept and recording of 'Aqua':

"We wanted a title that would describe in a very concise way, that concept. 'Aqua' is the Latin word for water and summarizes the whole idea behind the Shakespearean play and our feelings at this remarkable moment.

"Although this album sounds very different then our previous album 'Aurora Consurgens,' there are not many musical differences between 'Aqua' and our last three albums. We tried to keep the idea of combining metal with progressive, classic, Brazilian, ethnic, pop and many other styles. The big difference is that this time we were really hit by inspiration.

"So we wrote almost thirty good songs, and we ended up picking the best ten out of the big list. All the atmosphere of companionship and teamwork was captured in the tracks. We really helped each other on every detail and that's what made the songs so powerful and special.

"Another important difference is that the drummer Ricardo Confessori is back in the band. This was only possible because, after the recording sessions of the Bittencourt Project's Brainworms where he performed on a couple of tracks. Since then, we have regained our trust and friendship. We had a few rehearsals with Angra where he jammed around songs from the old and new era of the band.

"Also, we presented some new ideas for him to arrange and he showed that he had kept his creativity and graceful musicianship. We had good laughs remembering things we've done together in the past and how the Brazilian-mixed kind grooves were a very significant quality of our pre-Rebirth Era.

"So, 'Aqua' represents where we are now. And we hope that it will be remembered as one of our great classic albums, because it was done with great passion, focus and dedication. We expect that every detail of these carefully crafted new songs may help you out through your own times of change.

"So, get prepared to dive deep into an ocean of new sensations and float away with the various liquid atmospheres that keep changing as you listen through and it will always keep changing as you listen to it more times. Welcome to the revolving waters of 'Aqua'."

Click here to listen to 'Aqua'.


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