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23rd October 2010

secret sphere

For the last thirteen years, Secret Sphere have been successfully building their reputation of power metal heroes.

Strongly influenced by such acts as Dream Theater, Savatage and Helloween, this Italian group managed to develop a style of their own, forging together fast aggressive riffs and bold symphonic elements.

Now, with the re-issues of two of their finest albums 'Scent of Human Desire' (2003) and 'Heart & Anger' (2005), Metal Mind is proud to bring back one of the most talented power metal acts of all time...

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Secret Sphere was founded in 1997 by guitarist Aldo Lonobile. After some time the final line-up was complete and, with Andy Buratto (bass), Marco Pastorino (rhythm guitar), Gabrielle Ciaccia (keyboards and piano), Ramon R. Messina (vocals) and Federico Pannazzato (drums) on board, the band recorded their debut album 'Mistress of The Shadowlight' (1999).

The LP was a local success and presented the band with some interesting opportunities, such as their participation in the Helloween tribute album 'Keepers of the Jericho', alongside such artists as Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica.

In 2001 Secret Sphere released their second full-length album entitled 'A Time Nevercome', which was promoted by an excessive European tour. In 2003 the band signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their third album 'Scent of Human Desire'.

Recorded with the help of the acclaimed producer Achim Köhler (Sinner, Primal Fear, Brainstorm), the LP brought the first glimpses of progressive elements, which would later become a permanent element of the group's style. With such excellent tracks as '1000 Eyes Show', 'Runway Train' and the glam-inspired 'Virgin Street 69', Secret Sphere finally managed to introduce their music to a wider audience, receiving great reviews all around the world.

The second LP recorded for Nuclear Blast 'Heart & Anger' saw the light of day on May 30th 2005. The album brought an even more progressive sound and more polished compositions (which included parts performed by a full orchestra) and featured such highlights as the emotional opener 'Where The Sea Ends' and the stomping 'Bad Blood'.

The following years brought two more albums by Secret Sphere: 'Sweet Blood Theory' from 2008 and their latest opus 'Archetype' from 2010.

'The Scent Of Human Desire' and 'Heart & Anger' will be available in new digipak editions, each limited to 2000 copies. Both albums include a bonus track. The material was remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Metal Mind Productions set up the release date for November 22nd in Europe and January 11th 2011 in USA (via MVD).

'The Scent Of Human Desire' (remastered + bonus track) tracklist:

1. Rain
2. Still Here
3. 1000 Eyes' Show
4. More Than Simple Emotions
5. Surrounding
6. Desire
7. Virgin Street 69
8. Runaway Train
9. Scent Of A Woman
10. Life Part 1 - Walking Through The Dawn
11. Life Part 2 - Daylight

Bonus Track:
12. Kings Of Metal

'Heart & Anger' (remastered + bonus track) tracklist:

1. Endless
2. Where The Sea Ends
3. First Snake
4. Loud & Raw
5. Dance With The Devil
6. Set Me Free
7. I Won?t Say A Word
8. Lights On
9. Leonardo Da Vinci
10. You Still Remain
11. Bad Blood
12. No Reason Why
13. Faster Than The Storm

Bonus Track:
14. Where The Sea Ends (Acoustic Live Jam)


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