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3rd November 2010

sack trick

A massive but very pleasant surprise hit the MetalTalk inbox this evening; Sack Trick are to play two Christmas gigs this year and the band are promising that both are going to be 'quite fun.'

Sack Trick are best known as being the band that Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson used on his solo 'Balls to Picasso' tour. The two Christmas gigs are on Sunday December 12th at Camden Underworld with Nightlord and Friday December 17th at Gimle, Rosklide.

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The band have issued the following statement;

"The Camden Show is supporting Nightlord. For those of you who missed them the first time around, they were the most awesome thing about the UK Underground Thrash scene in the late 80s/early 90s. Forget Xentrix, these guys were the real deal and they've reformed for this exclusive one off gig. We are honoured to be on the bill with them!

"So, I guess with that kind of bill we won't get away with a country banjo set. We'll have to do Metal Trick, drop the keys, twin axe attack, foot on the monitor, heads down... let's 'ave it!... well, maybe...

"Doors are at 6.30pm. Fracture Pattern and Crowning Glory are on first. Sack Trick will be on at 8.30pm and Nightlord at 9.30. Tickets are £9 from Ticket Web by clicking here.

"The Danish Show, well you know the score by now. Every year we pop out to Gimle in Roskilde, eat some hot dogs, play a twin drummer gig on a big stage to a few hundred hardened Tuborg drinkers... then listen to Slayer in the disco till the small hours of the night. Could it get better? Probably not...

"Every year a couple of folk trickle into that gig from the UK or other Scandi countries. They have the best night out ever. Flights are cheap, accomodation is cheaper and there's a lovely Christmas market in town too... for more info on how to get there and all things 'Trick related see by clicking here

"What else has been going on? Oh yes, Robin Guy's joined Tigertailz! We knew it would happen one day... see for tour dates but before that he's got a GMT tour with Bernie Torme starting next week, see .... Reuben Gotto and Ben Calvert have started recording for the new Twin Zero album.... the two Alex's, Dickson and Elena have been recording a secret project together in LA, but I've told you now so it's not a secret anymore...

"Dave Cheeseman's over in Vancouver setting up a Canadian franchise for Pillow Talk... myself, Doogie White and the Mighty Grav have got a new album out this week. It's called 'War Machine' by TANK... it's very metal too! See by clicking here

"We hope you're all looking forward to a very METAL Kissmas this year!"


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