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metal talk
6th December 2010


GWAR have been tearing apart Lady Gaga and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin as part of their stage show and Palin supporters have become quite upset about this.

A video of the on-stage slaying can be seen below and Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus gave the following statement:

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"Is this what American politics has come to? We have killed every President since Reagan, regardless of party affiliation, and the proof of it is all over the net... but the right-wing tea bag numb-nuts are getting their knickers in a twist over somebody that doesn't even hold office, and in fact left her office as Alaskan governor in order to concentrate on her reality show... and is this woman actually being considered as a potential president?

"Why does the agenda of the right require that America be viewed as a global laughing stock? Because between Wikileaks and the attention this idiot gets, that is exactly what you are...

"Besides, we don't even kill her, just rip her in half, and honestly she seems to love it! Anything for attention, I suppose."


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