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metal talk
24th December 2010


Skeletonwitch have completed their tour with Job For A Cowboy and are now heading back home to spend the winter writing the follow-up to the 2009 album 'Breathing the Fire'.

The band are planning to enter the studio in the spring.

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Guitarist Scott Hedrick said, "A huge thank you to the bands, the fans, and everyone else involved in the tour - except that one promoter; fuck you, dude! Kidding! Anyway, we had a fucking blast as usual. It's hard not to when you're traveling around the country with your best friends and your job is to party and shred.

"When we wake up from the impending holiday blackout, we'll be devoting all of our time finishing the next record. So keep an eye out: as the writing process continues we'll probably book a few dates and debut some new material. Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2010. It's been a great year! Cheers and beers!"


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