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19th January 2011


London, UK, January 18, 2011 - Newly reformed NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) heroes STAMPEDE have announced details of the release of their new album 'A Sudden Impulse' - the long awaited follow up to their classic 1983 debut studio album 'Hurricane Town.'

Finding a happy and welcoming new home with Rock Candy Record's spin-off front line label Grind That Axe Records, the band are finally excited to be able to reveal full track listing and artwork for the new album, which is due for release on April 18.

Lead singer Reuben Archer comments "Personally I am really excited about the new album and our association with Rock Candy. It´s great to feel part of something that´s happening and more than anything we can´t wait to get out there and play live!"

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One of the most respected hard rock acts during the early eighties, the band signed to Polydor Records and released two albums of impressive melodic rock to both critical and commercial acclaim, being compared to earthy British bands such as UFO and Humble Pie.

Following regenerated interest brought about by Rock Candy Record' reissue of 'Hurricane Town' in 2006, song writing partnership Reuben and Laurence Archer decided to reform the band in 2009. Together with original bassist Colin Bond, new drummer Steve Graystone and the addition of a second guitarist in the form of Chris Clowsley, the band have crafted a worthy, if not superlative, long lost follow-up to their studio debut in the opinion of label manager Derek Oliver, who describes the new material as "lean, mean tough-guy hard rock with all the soulful delivery of classic British steel led by Reuben´s instantly identifiable vocal and Laurence´s blistering plank spanking burn outs."

Reuben strongly believes that welcoming additional elements to Stampede have only served to give a new dimension to the band, making the new material on A Sudden Impulse the most enjoyable to make yet. The skills of twenty-year-old hotshot guitarist Rob Wolverson were also brought in when Laurence suddenly became unavailable during the latter part of the recording schedule, bringing things to another level. "We could have had several existing name players fill in for Laurence at this time, but I´d known Rob for years and watched him grow into the whizz-kid that he is," explains Reuben. "He also has a great writing ability and I just knew he was the one for the job, and would bring a vibrancy to the project."

Commenting on the end result, Reuben adds: "We have a harder sound now, the melodic hooks are there and I think we have a lot more edge than the first time around - especially due to our new powerhouse drummer Stevie G, and also Chris, whose strong rhythm guitar, vocal and guitar harmonies contribute enormously to the new sound. It has all resulted in making the reincarnation of Stampede an even more exciting project for us."

'A Sudden Impulse' is released on Rock Candy Records, April 18th 2011. Full track listing of the album is as follows:

1) Send Me Down An Angel
2) Jessie
3) Having Fun
4) Make A Change
5) Hard Rock Hell
6) This Road
7) Homeward Bound
8) Shame On You
9) Natural Disaster
10) Humble Pie
11) Flaming Gold

Bonus Tracks:

12) Recharged
13) Flaming Gold (Acoustic)

Find out more about the newly reformed Stampede and get a sneak preview of track samples by clicking here.


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