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metal talk
2nd February 2011


Following on from the aural assault that was the first single from Devidriver's forthcoming new album 'Beast'. the blistering 'Dead To Rights', today we reveal another track from the album.

Plug in your headphones, crank the volume and click right here to check out 'Coldblooded'!!

If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of the album yet, you can do it now over at and iTunes. Beast is released on February 21st.

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In other news, metal clubs across the UK are set to celebrate the release of the album with dedicated club nights and giveaways!! Check out the details below and get the gang together for a night out!!

Feb 18 – Bristol Bierkeller
Feb 19 – Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (Corrosion)
Feb 19 – Manchester Rock Kitchen
Feb 19 – Liverpool Krazyhouse
Feb 19 – Birmingham Eddies
Feb 20 – Harrogate Rehab
Feb 20 – Glasgow Cathouse
Feb 21 – Ipswich Liquid (BerZerk)
Feb 21 – Reading Sakura
Feb 25 – London Electrowerkz (Voodoo)

DevilDriver posters, copies of the album, 'Dead To Rights' single, and other goodies will all be given away at the club nights as they will also be playing footage of DevilDriver's set at Nottingham Rock City in November!!

And here's the promo video for the 'Beast' album;


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