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metal talk
7th February 2011

warrior soul

For some people music is the means to an end. They simply want fame and adulation. They're fully paid up members of the cult of celebrity and units sold is more important than the ability to create anything that can touch people.

For others music is a compulsion. You may as well ask them to stop breathing than try and stop them submitting to their creative impulses.

Kory Clarke is one of the latter.

With his band Warrior Soul he has graced stages all over the globe to critical acclaim and picked up a hardcore fan base that your here-today-and-gone-tomorrow superstars would be envious of.

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Currently recording their new studio album, and overseeing the vinyl release of three of Warrior Soul's essential albums, he has once again felt compelled to take his band out on the road in Europe.

With the smell of rebellion in the air, Warrior Soul are coming to provide the soundtrack to the counter culture revolution.

It's an unmissable opportunity to see where we came from, where we're at, and where we are going.

Catch them live -

MARCH 23 - Sheffield - Corporation
MARCH 24 - London - The Purple Turtle Camden
MARCH 25 - Glasgow - Ivory Blacks
MARCH 26 - Birmingham - Eddie's Rock Club
MARCH 28 - Dublin - Crawdaddy
MARCH 29 - Ballymena - Diamond Rock Club
MARCH 31 - Barcelona - Mephisto
APRIL 01 - Valencia - Durango Club
APRIL 02 - Madrid - Sala Live
APRIL 07 - Stockholm - Marie Laveau
APRIL 15 - Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers


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