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metal talk
7th February 2011


British legends Cathedral have announced that they will be calling it a day after a twenty one year long career.

The band will make their exit from the live arena at the end of 2011 and are planning on record one final studio album which will be released in 2012.

Vocalist Lee Dorrian said: "It's simply time for us to bow out. Twenty-one years is a very long time and it's almost a miracle that we managed to come this far! We've had a great time during Cathedral's existence and it has literally been our life. It's just time to move on and leave our recorded legacy to linger.

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"Our latest album 'The Guessing Game' is exactly where we wanted to be after all this time. Staying in one place, being repetitive and predictable is something we wanted to avoid right from the off.

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to those special people who have supported Cathedral over the years. It may sound like a cliché but it's certainly true - we simply wouldn't have been able to do it without you, thanks!"

The band have many live shows planned for this year, including shows in Japan, an appearance at the Maryland Deathfest and a farewell show in London.


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