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23rd February 2011

rob zombie

Rob Zombie has told England's RockAAA in a new interview that White Zombie will never reunite.

Rob explained, "I don't see the point. I think as with most things people have a memory of something like, 'I saw them when I was 14 years old and it was the greatest thing ever,' but if they saw us now they'd probably go, 'I wish I hadn't seen that reunion, it was awful.'

"It is better to leave it alone and I haven't talked to anyone from the band except (drummer) John Tempesta in about 15 years."

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He also said that nowadays a lot of his audience are not even familiar with the old White Zombie songs.

"The crowds are really, really young and I've been noticing that with the set list too, because, you know, as the time has gone on, we've really worked the White Zombie material more out of the set, because we've been finding that it's not working like it used to. It seems like that those songs just seem now old to people and it's very strange."

Rob was asked to comment on the recent publication of 'I'm In The Band', a memoir from ex-White Zombie bassist and Rob's former girlfriend Sean Yseult.

Yseult claims in the book that the departure of drummer Ivan DePrume led to the eventual break up of the group.

Rob said, "I have not seen it [the book] so I can't comment. I can barely remember those days, so I'm glad somebody can.

"Everybody likes to make up stories which aren't true. I don't think that's fair. Ivan left the band, John Tempesta came in and the band sounded better than ever, we kept playing and made bigger records and did more tours so I don't see how that had anything to do with it."


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