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metal talk
11th March 2011

3 inches of blood

Dedicated to the Metal community where you can seel, buy and auction anything to do with Metal is now open.

For the next month, listing an item is free. You can also check out the latest concert guide and promote your band.

Are there a few one-of-a-kind pieces of Heavy Metal items that are missing from your collection, and you just can't get a decent night's sleep until you can get your hands on them? Is there an album you want to lay your hands on? Do you have a poster to sell? Anything, as long as it's Heavy Metal...

Your wishes will now be granted Metalheads, as is open for business, and will satisfy all of your headbanging needs.

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This website is a unique online market place for the Heavy Metal music loving community and features any product related in any way, shape or form to Heavy Metal - new, used, historic, collectable, is your 'go-to' site!

Music, videos, memorabilia, clothing, jewellery, posters, instruments, amps - all are featured.

And to celebrate the site's launch, ALL AUCTION LISTINGS FOR THE NEXT MONTH ARE FREE! Unlike other similarly-styled websites, you will not need a PayPal account to buy items on

In addition to locating fantastic finds, the site will feature a concert guide to find local gigs from new and established bands. Also, you will be able to promote your own band or your own show, large or small - fees are within the budget of ordinary mortals.

Heavy Metal was founded by Denise Dale (a.k.a Denise Love) who is no stranger to Metal music. She is known in the music industry as an international booking agent specializing in the Heavy Metal music genre. Her company, Metal Music Bookings (, has booked such artists as Tarja, Michael Schenker, Cinderella, Blind Guardian, and Yngwie Malmsteen to name just a few.

Denise saw a need for a specialist website which brings together the Metal music community. is no doubt the only trading auction site on the net that is dedicated to Metal music fans, promoters, and bands worldwide.

The time is upon us Metalheads, to start rummaging through your closet, basement, or garage for any Metallic artifacts you'd like to turn into cash, and start putting together your wish lists. is open for business!

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