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metal talk
14th March 2011


The original line-up of The Darkness have reformed with their original line-up.

Brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins have resolved long-standing differences and are ready to play together again, as reported in today's Sun newspaper.

Reformation rumours first appeared in summer 2010 but all of the band members denied them, however a new website has now been launched, as well as an active Facebook page.

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None of the band have publicly commented on a possible reunion as yet but a statement on the new site reads as follows;

"Dear friends, welcome to now. There will be news very soon (VERY soon). The website will become engorged and enlarge itself as time moves forward. Please keep eyes and ears peeled. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves on the Facebook page to pass the time."

The Darkness split up in 2007 with singer Justin forming Hot Leg, who released one album in 2009. The remaining members formed the Stone Gods, who broke up last year.


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