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21st March 2011


Artillery's brand new album 'My Blood' has just been released in Europe and Japan.

'My Blood' is the follow-up to their highly acclaimed album 'When Death Comes' from 2009 and contains eleven blistering tracks that fill the void between past glory and future splendour.

New material was recorded between November 2010 and January 2011 at Medley Studios in Denmark with Søren Andersen as the producer. The band promote the new album with a video clip to the track 'Warrior Blood' which you can see below.

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What can we expect from the musical side of the new album? Guitarist Michael Stützer says; "The sound is a bit more heavy than it was on 'When Death Comes'. The music is a mixture of our previous albums 'When Death Comes' and 'By Inheritance', with a slight touch of 'Terror Squad' and 'Fear of Tomorrow' with some oriental pieces."

So far their new record is getting rave reviews from European media. Here is the one from Greece: "Artillery definitely have sold their soul to the devil! Like another Faust the band and its members seem to have a second youth. How else can I explain the fact that the band opens this album with the amazing and over seven and a half minutes long song entitled 'Mi Sangre (The Blood Song)' which truly is an example of how thrash metal music must be played. And this song is only an appetizer, because what comes after it, can only be described as 'all hell breaks loose'."

The album is available as a jewel case CD and as a digipak CD including two bonus tracks. The Japanese edition of the album includes an exclusive bonus track which is not available elsewhere. The US release date is set for 5th April (via MVD).


1. Mi Sangre (The Blood Song)
2. Monster
3. Dark Days
4. Death Is An Illusion
5. Ain´t Giving In
6. Prelude To Madness
7. Thrasher
8. Warrior Blood
9. Concealed In The Dark
10. End Of Eternity
11. The Great

Bonus tracks (ltd. digipak only):
12. Show Your Hate 2011
13. Eternal War 2011


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