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metal talk
19th May 2011

patrick gun barrel

There's a big buzz amongst the Trivium fanbase this afternoon as the band appear to have hinted at news of the forthcoming and eagerly anticipated new album.

A post appeared on the band's Facebook page at 18.07pm UK time which simply read; "Do I End This All For The World To See..."

Well Trivium, we sincerely hope you do not because we really want the new album. Is 'Do I End This All For The World To See' the title of the new album? We don't know and Corey wouldn't say when we contacted him. But we think he will soon. Whatever happens, it is sure to be brilliant because Trivium are a briliant band.

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The above picture appeared on the official Trivium site and on a massive social networking site within the last half hour. Is it the new album sleeve? We don't know and Corey wouldn't say...

Matt, Corey, Paulo and Nick are clearly in great spirits at the moment and looking forward to moving up another level in their career, something that they deserve massively.

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