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11th June 2011

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DaCast, the first fully integrated, self-service platform for live streaming, today announces teaming up with OTW Concerts, Fast Break! Entertainment and to broadcast the 2011 East Coast Tsunami Fest live to audiences around the world.

"We are pleased to work with the online video service DaCast to stream our annual East Coast Tsunami Fest this summer," said Chris Mahmood, owner of Reverb, the venue where the event will be taking place.

"With demand higher than expected for the 2011 festival, we saw extending our reach through a webcast to be a natural solution. This will let each band have their time in the spotlight, while DaCast will handle the pay-per-view process. VOD capability is available now over the service for both new and existing users.

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The 2011 Punk/Hardcore music festival features some of the biggest bands in the genre. Blood For Blood, Shelter, Trial, 108, Shutdown, Hazen Street, Sworn Enemy and more will be playing at the event. In total, 32 bands will be streamed with live performances. Between bands, interviews and crowd reactions will be broadcast to give a more complete experience.

Through using DaCast, the event will be streamed out in high quality to those with an internet connection. Using the built in Pay-in-Play system, the video player will directly capture pay-per-view transactions. Payment methods include all major credit cards, which can be done without the need to leave the player, and also PayPal.

The pay-per-view cost is $8 per day to see the event live and online. Pre-purchases made before June 17th will be sold at a reduced rate of $6 a day.

The 2011 East Coast Tsunami Fest begins June 24th with the live stream broadcasted on June 25th and the 26th. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.

About DaCast

DaCast specializes in delivering an easy to use monetization platform for live streaming. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with a European office in Paris, France. For additional information, please visit by clicking here.

About East Coast Tsunami Fest 2011

ECT11 is being organized by three major contributors, all with a deep-rooted dedication to the underground music scene. OTW Concerts and Fast Break! Entertainment are two of the most well-known and reliable booking firms for punk rock, Metal and hardcore shows in the state of Pennsylvania. With a combined 40+ years of experience in band support, touring and distribution, as well as being in some of the most well-known underground bands themselves.

Their direct support comes from a music based community and social networking site that is gaining ground in the market, taking on sites like the faltering Myspace Music and industry standard ReverbNation. They concentrate on the 'DIY' aspect of music, not requiring bands to be sponsored by a major-branded tour or booking agency to support acts. To learn more, please visit by clicking here.

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