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metal talk
16th June 2011


Promethium, a five piece Prog Metal act from Lancashire who are quickly making waves in the underground Metal scene, have recently released one of the most creative videos of the year. Best yet, they have released two versions, one for the gore fans and one for the general public.

Promethium have been together for three years and in that time have released a successful EP 'Tribute To The Fallen' and their full length album 'Welcome To The Institution' (available on Casket Music) both of which have received rave reviews.

The latter is a ten track blitzkrieg which is rarely less than an inch from your face. From this album a video was made for the track 'Vision'.

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Promethium worked together with Mycho Pictures who shot and directed the video. Mycho loved the idea of the concept that the band came up with and set about making a storyboard for the track.

The video was shot over one day in a disused nightclub which had the perfect atmosphere for the tone and story. The actors were all friends and local artists that the band knew were and the special effects were done by local magician Kevin Cunliffe who also starred as the madman killer.

The video is a half story half performance with a detective having visions chasing a Psycho Madman. There is gore, horror and a mega twist and the track is an upbeat stormer.

The video can be seen here, but be warned it is not for the faint hearted - but for those who can handle it you are in for a real treat!!


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