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22nd June 2011


Evile have completed the recording of their forthcoming new album 'Five Serpent's Teeth' and this will now be released on September 26th.

The band have revealed the track listing for the album and Evile lead guitarist Ol Drake comments below on this.

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"Here's the full track list for our new album, 'Five Serpent's Teeth'. There's such diversity through this album that I simply can't wait for people to hear these tracks.

"We spent a long time in the studio and at home figuring out the best order we could place these tracks in to flow perfectly through the album. The tracks go from the stomping heaviness of 'Cult', to the eeriness/melancholy of 'In Memoriam', to the pure insanity of 'Descent Into Madness'.

You may have already hear 'Eternal Empire' at, and if you were at Download festival last weekend and you came to see us, you heard 'Cult'."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Five Serpent's Teeth
2. In Dreams of Terror
3. Cult
4. Eternal Empire
5. Xaraya
6. Origin of Oblivion
7. Centurion
8. In Memoriam
9. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh

Evile recently posted the new song 'Eternal Empire' online and you can hear it by clicking here.


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