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22nd June 2011

katana heads will roll

Listenable Records, Clawhammer PR and online Metal mecca have teamed up to bring traditional Metal lovers everywhere three tracks from 'Heads Will Roll', the debut album from Gothenburg trad-Metal upstarts Katana.

Click right here to get 'Livin' Without Fear', 'Blade Of Katana' and 'Phoenix On Fire', three tracks from 'Heads Will Roll'.

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Katana from Gothenburg, Sweden deliver a show that is 100% pure adrenaline and will take the audience straight back to the golden age of the early eighties. Since the current line up was established in 2008, Katana have worked hard to perfect their live act, which includes everything one would expect from a true eighties band, and then some.

The music of Katana is heavily influenced by British and German bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Accept. They definitely show that the genre is more alive than ever and the newly recorded debut album will set a new standard for what classic Heavy Metal is supposed to sound like in 2011.

The first single 'Heart Of Tokyo' is is recommended listening and you can hear it by clicking here.



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