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27th June 2011

circles the compass

Circles have issued a statement on the release of their new album 'The Compass', which reads as follows;

"Hey guys, the wait is over! 'The Compass' is finally available and you're all invited to join the party!

"We really appreciate the dedication and support you have given us. It means so much to us and without it none of this would be possible.

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"Whilst you're all having multiple eargasms listening to 'The Compass', we will be madly touring in support of this beast. We hope to visit everywhere we possibly can. Come out to the shows and have a beer with us.

"We'll also be chipping away at new material for our first album. No rest in the Circles camp. We'll be working as hard as we can for you guys and we're not going to stop.

"Hope to see you all soon."


"I put a big emphasis on writing and constructing a song rather than playing 100mph or stretching ten frets with my little fingers. It's hard to keep up, at the same time we don't want to be competing with other bands. We just wanna be Circles." Click here to read the Got Djent? interview.

- The deeply creative songwriting, overwhelmingly passionate performance, mega production and sprinkles of electronica on this flawless but all-too-short debut place Circles at the head of the crowd. | Terrorizer - 4/5

- Six staggering tracks of provocative Textures-esque tech-metal that is currently garnering major props's beyond world class. | Blunt Magazine (Australia) 5/5

- Circles manage to seemingly effortlessly strike a balance between muso-stroking technical facility and crowd-pleasing accessibility - resulting in a record that could well vault them into 'djent' superstar status. | OneMetal - 4.5/5


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