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30th June 2011

phil anselmo

After several months of uncertainty regarding Rex Brown's position as Down bass player, his departure has finally been made official.

Rex himself said via "Down's not officially over. I'm just officially out of the band. Things came to a head. They are better off doing what they're doing. They have Patrick Bruders (Crowbar) playing bass. I kind of lost the passion after a while. There were other problems that we had, so it was best that we parted ways."

Rex will now concentrate on new band Kill Devil Kill, a project put together by Black Sabbath/Heaven And Hell drummer Vinny Appice.

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Down are now working on a new and rather original project and Kirk Windstein told about it at Hellfest:

"We're going to do four EPs, and they'll all be different. We have many elements to our sound, so each one will have its own characteristics. Like, for example, this one we're writing right now and are about to start recording will be really hard, with heavy Down stuff. Then we'll have a mellow one, then a doom one - you know, slower and doomy stuff. A little bit of everything."

Kirk was also asked the reason why the band are going down this road:

"The record industry sucks so bad. Nobody buys anything. We're trying to do something different, making it cheaper to buy. People want stuff for free! So six songs, its cheaper to buy. Same thing for downloading: it will be cheaper to download. Nobody wants to go to the record store and buy stuff anymore. So we're just trying to mix it up and do something different. It will be released on physical EP and digitally as well."


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