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8th July 2011


Ever wondered what it's like going on tour with Slipknot? In an exclusive new series on MusicRadar, Access All Areas brings you an invaluable insight into what it takes to tech at festivals, how to survive one of the toughest days of your working life, and when to stand back and say, 'job well done'.

In the latest series, MusicRadar gives you a sneak peak into what it's like to go on the road with the mighty Slipknow. The article delves into the day-to-day life of the band's production manager, Gary Garner, and Slipknot/Stone Sour drum tech, Ronnie Lee.

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Head gaffa for one of the biggest Metal bands in the world, Gary Garner has both hands full with the extensive tech crew that surrounds Slipknot. Add to that a huge pyro-filled production and a rotating drum kit riser, plus enough gear and rigging to full six semi trucks, and it's easy to see why Gary's job starts well in advance of Slipknot's actual festival performance or tour.

"This is an industry where you do not take the odd day off. If you're on tour, you're working. If something serious happens to a crew member, we all help cover his or her position and replace them as soon as possible until they are well again", says Gary.

Having worked for Danzig, Deftones, Disturbed and Stone Sour among others, Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is a favourite of Ronnie's. "I first worked with Joey in 2006, when he was drumming for Ministry. I also worked with Joey while he was playing for Rob Zombie, as well as on the Slipknot 'All Hope Is Gone' Tour. I will be with him on the Slipknot European tour this summer, too. Joey is one of my favourites to work for, so I'm glad he calls me when he needs someone."

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